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Convenient and effective

I love using the shower bombs whenever I need a quick jolt of energy and pick-me-up. It's always left me feeling great after using and couldn't be easier to use.

Top Quality

I’ve tried 2 other brands of shower bombs now and my main complaint was they weren’t strong enough. Certainly didn’t have that problem with Alive shower bombs. Lasted 8-10min. Super strong. Felt rejuvenated and decongested. Bathroom smelled amazing afterwords. Will buy again

Total Morning Trio
The bomb diggity!!

I’m always looking to find the cleanest skin products. This trio delivers perfection! I actually looked up the ingredients used on ewg.org and found winners with 1 and 2 ratings. I was impressed and was pushed over the edge with the Eucalyptus scent!! My fav. While I give high ratings for the scrub and skin wash, that eucalyptus shower bomb IS the bomb!!! The scent is so intense. I don’t want my shower to end. I’m trying to figure out how to make it last for two showers so I don’t run out too soon lol! Needless to say, I will be reordering and buying some for Mother’s Day gifts. Customer service is super sweet as they notified me by email that they ran short of product and would be back in stock in a few days. I could order from Amazon if I wanted sooner. Well, we know that all good things come to those who wait. It was well worth the wait! Great products Sunday Showers!!!

Total Morning Trio
Danielle Albinson
Really Enjoyed

The body wash smells amazing and doesn't dry out my skin, and the shower bomb works really well and smells great. Haven't tried the body scrub yet but looking forward to it. Highly recommend, and I would buy again!

Love the smell

Lathers up great, smells awesome. I love it

ALIVE Shower Bombs
Graham Bloyed
Stop thinking Start buying

You will not be disappointed. Buy this asap and see what you have been missing.

ALIVE Shower Bombs
Thomas Staley

An absolute necessity! The bombs and the shower gel always hit


Highly recommend using this in conjunction with the bath bombs to maximize the effectiveness.

Great product will definitely buy again!!!

Steam Shower A+++

I’ve used several at this stage. Amazing product, and even better if you have a steam shower. Works extremely well on larger showers too. Well done. And, side note, used them in regular showers and still awesome. And, one more side note, this is the fourth product like this I’ve tried and the only one I’m pleased with.

Awesome product

Thoroughly enjoyed using the bombs and body wash.

If you’re on the fence about this product I would try it. 100 percent worth it.

Daily Delight

I love the smell of Ecualyptus and Sunday Shower products deliver. The recovery body wash leaves my skin soft to the touch without drying it out. It doesn’t take much especially when used on a shower puff. The Detox Body scrub is my go to for my bath. It has just the right amount of oil in it to moisturize after toweling off. The shower bomb may take a while to find just the right spot to get the most benefit. I have a large shower and it took a few tries to figure out where to place it. Once you do it is like being in a mini sauna. I will be re-ordering.

Game Changer

One bomb works great for my shower and even the roommates after. Instant kick but also long-lasting. Very highly recommend!


These are incredible. Change my mornings from dreadful to delightful.

ALIVE Shower Bombs
Mary Goodwin
Great Gifts!

I gave my team ALIVE shower bombs for Christmas. Everyone LOVED them and they shipped quickly and in perfect condition.


Great way to wake up and clear your head!

5 STARS - Best shower products I’ve tried

Best shower products I’ve tried. The eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils in the bombs open up my airways so well. On top of that the charcoal wash leaves me feeling so refreshed. Absolutely love. Customer for life.

ALIVE Shower Bombs
Adrian Awuah

Bombs are amazing. Very refreshing way to start your morning after an intense workout with ALIVE. Releases my sinus issues in bonus, and will be purchasing this product again.

Holy Moly - Amazing

Did not know how much I needed these in my life. My new morning routine when I’m feeling a bit down.

Best addition to my routine

Absolutely love these!

ALIVE Shower Bombs
Conor McGrail
Excellent Product

Probably my 4th or 5th time buying these and they are great. Nice little stocking stuffer too!

ALIVE Shower Bombs
Dan Sciabica

This is a must have product for those rough mornings. Really gets the people going! 10/10 would recommend to a friend

Fantastic stuff

Really gets me going in the morning. Clears out my head and face and gets me to a crisp clean place before heading into work.

ALIVE Shower Bombs
Ricky Reilich

The shower bombs have literally changed my life! Always so congested in the morning and have such low energy. They help me breathe and give me the wake up boost that I’ve always needed! Thanks so much guys! You got a customer for life!!

Awesome products!

No better way to start my day than with an ALIVE bomb. Saw that there was a wash and scrub offering so decided to get the trio. As great as advertised. Will be buying again!

Total Morning Trio
Daniel Koman
Bombs away

I love these things, Makes me whole room smell amazing and fresh

ALIVE  Shower Bombs
ALIVE  Shower Bombs
ALIVE  Shower Bombs

ALIVE Shower Bombs

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Our new ALIVE Shower Bomb - Hits harder and lasts longer. Energize, Decongest, and Focus, with just a shower.  Waking up sluggish, tired and congested from a long night is a thing of the past. ALIVE helps you attack the day, no matter your night. 

The Most Intense Shower Bomb Ever:

  • Highly concentrated essential oils
  • Menthol to help decongest
  • All natural, no added fragrance
  • No mess and long lasting
  • Proudly made in the USA